Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best-laid Plans . . .

Wow. Has it really been almost two years? Much has happened since my last post, including the arrival of a new member of the family. Talk about the need to be agile!

Homeschooling with an agile philosophy can sometimes be frustrating for the very reason that I celebrate it--it has fuzzy boundaries that blend into the rest of our life. This is WONDERFUL, because we recognize that we are always learning, but we sometimes struggle against the day-to-day demands taking over and leaving little time for special, structured learning opportunities. We're constantly working to find the right balance.

I have lots of thoughts to share, but less time (for the present) to write them. I want to get back to this blog, but I'm admitting to myself that it's going to take some major agility to fit it in. Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with an idea that I found worthy of some serious pondering. Recently, on one of my e-mail lists, someone compared education to a hammock--specifically the kind made of rope knotted together in a net-like pattern. Like the hammock, the poster said, education is mostly holes. Yet, it still holds you up!