Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Photo Resolution and More Tot School

Tot School
B is currently 26 months old

You know, I've never really been consistent at taking pictures of what we're doing. I love blogs with lots of photos, and I know it adds a lot of interest to a post, but it always seemed like such a hassle to interrupt the flow and go find the camera. Also, our current camera seems to be showing a few signs of preparing for retirement. And there have been so many gray days lately . . . .

Ha! Too many excuses. A couple of weeks ago I made a resolution (all puns intended, of course) and decided to try harder. This meant leaving the camera out where it was accessible more quickly. Sometimes it meant bribing encouraging the kids to do something again, just for a photo. I did find that it interrupted the flow to some extent, but my kids love having their picture taken (just not in a studio setting!). They especially love seeing the pictures on the blog. For me, I found that having the pictures made it easier to remember what I wanted to blog about. It also helped me realize just how much learning is really going on here!

So, without further ado, here are some more of our recent "Tot School" activities:

"SQUEEZY" PAINTS. My kids enjoy using these paints, which we call "squeezy" paints, as an occasional alternative to markers. (We have the 6-pack of "shimmer" paints. I love how they smell! I bought them online from a vendor who no longer carries them, but I recently saw them at our local Jo-Ann store.) B's favorite part is screwing the caps on and off, but he does also enjoy painting with them. He really has his color names down pat now, and my favorite part is hearing him say, "Please pass the purple!"

LIFE SKILLS: FOLDING LAUNDRY. B is, like most toddlers, very interested in doing what "the big people" are doing. He is exceptionally interested in cleaning up, putting in order, and putting away. One morning, for example, I came downstairs to find him "washing" the front of the refrigerator with a sponge. "I clean it, Mommy!" he said with a proud smile. (Um, where do I order a couple more like this?)

So, when he found me folding laundry the other day, I was not surprised to hear, "Leppy [let me] help you!" I gave him a pile of dishcloths and washcloths, then showed him how to 1) "make a square" (lay it out flat), 2) fold it in half, and 3) fold it in half again. I admit I was surprised at how quickly he caught on. He folded them quite neatly, and I even overheard him quietly repeating "Make a square, fold half, fold half." And the look of proud achievement in his eyes after carefully taking his pile to the drawer? Priceless. This is what it's all about!

NUTS AND BOLTS. On a recent trip to the hardware store, I remembered reading this post about using nuts and bolts for motor skills development. I decided to start with just one size, but plan to add additional sizes later. B seems to really enjoy using his hands, so this was a well-received activity. (Don't you just love those chubby fingers?)

LOCK AND KEY. On the same trip to the hardware store, I found a simple lock and key for B to practice with. Lately, he has been quite obsessed with keys, and has managed to lock and unlock some things we'd rather he didn't. I am hoping that having his very own lock and key will help a little with this issue. (Yeah, I'm pretty good at deluding myself. I did remember to get one that came with an extra key, which I promptly put in a place I can find it easily.)

I have lots more "Tot School" activities to share, but time to blog about them? Not so much. I'll just keep trying, though. That's a big part of the agile philosophy, after all!


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I have to teach my son to fold laundry - I don't know why I haven't yet... and yes it is great when they love to clean. My son begs for the duster, lol. And he loves to clean the kitchen floor with a sponge. Who am I to deny him, right? :) I agree it's hard to interrupt the flow of things to take a picture, but it does help one remember exactly what was done. Love those paints!!

Carisa said...

I got you added to the webpage, I am glad you are linking up!

I personally love taking so many photos during school because it will be a lasting memory of his Tot School times ;-). I am a natural photo-taker so he's used to the camera snapping constantly!!!