Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun with Pop Beads

One of the gifts K received for Christmas was this set of Pop Beads, and they have been a fabulous addition to our toy collection. These are sturdy, well-made, attractively-colored, and tactilely pleasing. Every member of our family (including Dad!) enjoys manipulating these beads (though, OF COURSE, we closely supervise B and Baby P with them).

They are designed for building jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, that can be taken apart and re-made over and over again in endless creative combinations. I love, though, that my K never lets something like a toy's intended purpose limit her imagination:

Here are a few members of the (eventually quite extensive) "royal family" she created, complete with hair and crowns. She spent a long time playing with these little "people", inventing a delightfully elaborate story with them. Five stars to a toy that lends itself to such imaginative play!

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April Mitchell said...

What a fun and creative toy!