Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Whole World in His Hands

We are, among other things, a puzzle-loving family. We're especially fond of jigsaw puzzles, and we have amassed quite a collection of them at different sizes and skill levels. So, when I heard about GeoPuzzles, I knew they would be a hit at our house.

When they first arrived, N was ecstatic! Not only does he love puzzles, but maps are also one of his particular loves, so these were doubly inviting to him. He put together each of them in turn over a two-day period, learning some new country names along the way. Then, on Sunday, he had a fantastic idea--he wanted to put all of them together, then arrange them in correct relationship to each other. (Umm . . . sure!) So, we moved the dining table and chairs out of the way, and he spent some quality time on the floor putting the world together, one continent at a time:

We got out the globe for him to check the locations, and away he went! The scale on each puzzle is a little different (which was a little disappointing to him), but, overall, he was quite pleased with the results.

I must admit that this is exactly the kind of learning scenario that I dream about as a homeschooling mom--my child coming up with a great idea and initiating it himself with a little guidance and a lot of encouragement from me. This is the kind of thing he will remember, because he was so invested in it himself and the goal was his own. I look forward to many more such experiences as my children grow and mature!


Googs said...

That is awesome! We love puzzles too and I am definitely looking for Geo puzzles. Thanks and way to go N!!

Tarasine said...

Glad to point you in that direction! They are AWESOME puzzles--thick, sturdy, and nicely interlocking. Such a great purchase!

Kate said...

I love reading homeschooling stories like this. This is exactly why we want to homeschool. Thanks for the link to the puzzles, something to plan on for the future.