Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Almost Spring Edition

Can it really be time for Weekly Wrap-Up already? The calendar says yes, so here we go!

A few highlights of what's going well:
  • I managed to get all the drawing prizes packed up and shipped out. If you were one of the winners, the Post Office tells me you should be receiving your goodies today (if they haven't arrived already). Although it may sound strange, I truly enjoyed the whole giveaway process so much, that I can't wait to hold another one! Stay tuned.
  • I finished another week of C25K! Although it's not my main goal, I have lost a couple of pounds in the process, which feels good.
  • Baby P took her first step this week! She has been working very determinedly on her balance, and is improving every day. This has been such a joyful time for all of us to see her progress and celebrate with her.
  • B has loved playing with balls this week, practicing catching, throwing, and kicking. The weather was nice enough for part of the week for him to play in the backyard to his heart's content. Winter and too many sick days were definitely hard on this active child. Welcome, Spring!
  • B is getting very good at dressing and undressing himself, which we are all celebrating. He also learned to peel an orange with very little help, which he was ecstatic about.
  • K has really been enjoying math. In the past couple of weeks, she has especially had fun devising numerous ways to use and play with attribute blocks as well as exploring non-standard measurement.
  • K completed the first level of All About Spelling, and is thrilled to move on to Level 2. She particularly enjoys manipulating the phonogram tiles and writing with markers on our "Spelling Board" (large white board). She has a great intuition for spelling, but this program is great to reinforce more specific rules. This has really increased her confidence in this area.
  • N has been spending a lot of time this week riding his bike around the neighborhood. It has been a long process for him to feel confident on it, but he's finally there! This has been a great experience for him to keep trying something that didn't come easily to him and to overcome his fears to reach a goal. We have all been thrilled at his success.
  • Since N joined a Cub Scout group a couple of months ago, he has had great fun working through the requirements. We decided to make "Scouts" one of our daily workboxes, so he has been making steady progress. He earned his Bobcat badge in about a week, and is now working toward his Wolf. This has been a fabulous program for him, with a good mix of learning activities that we might not come up with otherwise. He and J are looking forward to his first Pinewood Derby next month!
  • We had a great time as a family making Spring Cookie Cottages. This is definitely a holiday tradition we will be continuing!
A few things that haven't been so great:
  • Baby P is definitely in the process of cutting some teeth--the two in front on the top--and it has been a miserable week for her. She is also getting a cold, and has not been sleeping well due to congestion. We're all extra tired and needy this week!
  • We had a dentist appointment this week for N and K, which, although it went well, was an interruption in our schedule. Although workboxing definitely helps with this, I still struggle to get back into our routine after it is disturbed.
  • I have been feeling emotionally drained and on the verge of burnout lately. I have decided it's time for another personal retreat, which I'll be able to take in a couple of weeks. I just hope I can hold it together until then!
Well, that's our week in a nutshell! To see what other homeschoolers have been up to this week, visit Kris's blog.

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